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Mr Andrew Goldberg, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Paul Glynne, General (internal) medicineMiss Moneli Golara, Gynaecology, Reproductive healthcareMr Maneesh Ghei, UrologyMr Sam Gidwani, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Shashank Gurjar, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryMr Mark Gallagher, Chiropodist / PodiatristMr Adam Goode, PhysiotherapistDr Vanya Gant, Infectious diseases, Medical microbiology & virologyMr Mark George, General surgeryMr Nicholas Goddard, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Andrew Goodall, PhysiotherapistMr David Goodier, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Toby Garrood, General (internal) medicine, RheumatologyMr Aria Ghassemi, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Khalid Ghufoor, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Jonathan Glass, UrologyDr Patrick Gordon, RheumatologyMr James Gossage, General surgeryMr Matthew Jonathan Gee, Orthopaedic surgeryMrs Jenny Geh, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryMr Debashis Ghosh, Breast surgery, General surgeryMr Charles Gibbons, Orthopaedic surgeryProf. Jaswinder Singh Gill, CardiologyMr Kanna Gnanalingham, NeurosurgeryMr Harshawardhan Godbole, UrologyMr Charlie Goodchild, PhysiotherapistMr Ioannis Goutos, Plastic & reconstructive surgery, Scar managementMr William Grant, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Ian Griffiths, Chiropodist / PodiatristMr Chinmay Gupte, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Nicholas Gall, CardiologyMr Stephen Garnett, UrologyDr Andrew Gaya, OncologyMiss Katherine George, Oral & Maxillo-facial surgeryDr John Gerry Coghlan, CardiologyMr Nicholas Gibbins, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Daniel Glass, DermatologyDr Bronya Gorney, General Practitioner (GP)Prof. Diana Gorog, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineDr Christopher Groves, Gastro-enterologyDr Ian Gabriel, HaematologyDr Prabhu Galiveti, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Lorenzo Garagnani, Orthopaedic surgeryMr Marc George, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Atif Ghaffar, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Shadi Ghali, Plastic & reconstructive surgeryDr Azad Ghuran, CardiologyDr Alessandro Giardini, CardiologyDr Stephanie Gibbs, OncologyMr Alexander Gibson, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Carlos Maria Gomez Hernandez, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Teresa Guerrero-Urbano, OncologyDr Massimiliano Guglielmi, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Richard Gullan, NeurosurgeryDr Rajeev Gupta, HaematologyDr Srinivas Gada, PaediatricsDr Soujanya Gadde, RadiologyDr Rasha Gadelrab, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Gabriele Galatà, General surgeryDr Cliona Gallagher, General Practitioner (GP)Dr David Game, Renal medicineDr Prabhu Gandhimani, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Simon Gane, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Dr Sivadas Ganeshalingam, RadiologyMr Rony Ganguly, AudiologyDr Pablo Garcia Reitboeck, NeurologyMr Neeraj Garg, Breast surgery, General surgeryMr Massimo Garriboli, Paediatric surgeryDr Sabiha Gati, Cardiology, General (internal) medicineMr Edward Gee, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Spyridon Gennatas, OncologyMr Suku George, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Amit Gera, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineDr Joe Geraghty, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMr Marco Gerlinger, OncologyMr Amir Ghanbari, General surgeryDr Mohammad Ghazavi, DermatologyDr Aditi Ghei, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Karolina Gholam, DermatologyDr Arjun Ghosh, CardiologyMr Michael Ghosh-Dastidar, Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Savvas Giannaris, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Rebecca Gibbs, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMiss Kiren Gill, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Preeti Gill, General Practitioner (GP)Mr Gregory Gillanders, Chiropodist / PodiatristMr Stefano Giuliani, Paediatric surgery, PaediatricsDr Rosalind Given-Wilson, RadiologyDr Panagiotis Gkoutzios, RadiologyDr John Glees, OncologyDr Sarah Glynne, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Nuclear medicineProf. Luigi Gnudi, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitusDr Gauri Godbole, Medical microbiology & virologyDr Satyen Gohil, HaematologyDr Simon Goldenberg, Medical microbiology & virologyDr Christy Goldsmith, OncologyDr Ricky Gondhia, General Practitioner (GP)Dr Kate Goodchild, OncologyMr John Gordon Payne, General surgeryDr Nikolaos Gorgoraptis, NeurologyDr Teodor Goroszeniuk, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMr Jay Goswamy, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)Mr Gordan Grahovac, NeurosurgeryDr Victoria Grandage, HaematologyDr Lee Grant, RadiologyDr Ioulia Grapsa, CardiologyDr Agata Grasso, CardiologyDr James Gratwicke, NeurologyDr Martin P Gray, PaediatricsMr Rob Gray, UrologyMiss Lisa Greaney, Oral & Maxillo-facial surgeryDr Lucinda Green, PsychiatryDr Danielle Greenblatt, DermatologyDr Douglas Greig, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineMiss Caris Grimes, Colorectal surgery, General surgeryProf. Ashley Grossman, Endocrine surgery, Endocrinology & diabetes mellitus, General (internal) medicineDr Deeper Grover, Genito-urinary medicine, Sexual health medicineMrs Lorraine Grover, PsychologistDr Philippa Groves, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Gedis Grudzinskas, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Anthony Gubbay, AnaestheticsMiss Sharmistha Guha, Gynaecology, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Jean Marc Guichet, Orthopaedic surgeryProf. Roberto Guiloff, NeurologyMiss Nahid Gul, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Obstetrics & gynaecologyMr Aziz Gulamhusein, UrologyDr Sanjay Gulati, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Pooja Gulati, General (internal) medicine, RheumatologyMr Abhinav Gulihar, Orthopaedic surgeryDr Vijay Gund, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Sunil Gupta, HaematologyDr Sujata Gupta, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Sanjay Gupta, Anaesthetics, Pain medicineDr Atul Gupta, PaediatricsDr Abhinav Gupta, Gastro-enterology, General (internal) medicineMiss Yulia Gurtovaya, Obstetrics & gynaecologyDr Oliver Guttmann, Cardiology
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